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Say pish posh to the nay-sayers out there who think they know about shapers. If there’s anyone who knows the wonderfulness that is a shaper, it’s us plus sized beauties who purposefully wear them. Miimii knows what it’s like to try and tuck everything into your favorite shirt or lock down the perfect look in your new dress when nothing seems to be falling where it should be. There are rolls and body lumps that need to be smoothed out, and these great pieces of shapewear for plus size women are just the help we need.

Looking For The Best Shapewear For Your Tummy?

You can count on Miimii.

We love the shapewear that targets the abdomen in order to tuck everything into place and give off the polished, smooth look. These pieces of shapewear target the tough spots, which is why women everywhere flock to these comfortable pieces of underwear – you get to tuck in the tummy while showing off your top and bottom curves. Not only will these pieces of shapewear keep your body looking fabulous, you’ll feel comfortable in the breathable fabric.

The Various Styles Of Shapewear In Plus Sizes

Miimii specializes in curvy intimates, which means you can find brief shapers, thong shapers, and shaper dresses that will help you keep everything in its place, making you look absolutely dashing in all outfits.

The brief shapers are high-waisted to hold in the muffin tops, and the brief shape really gives the butt a nice look. These are so sleek that you can even wear leggings on top without the line showing through.

The thong shapers are for the tummy tuck-seekers who would like to let their tush hang free. Keep it light and simple with this thong shaper.

The shaper dress covers everything from the chest to the middle of the thigh in one piece of slick fabric. It’s a great piece to add to your wardrobe if you’re looking for something to shape your hips and waistline.