How Plus Size Clothing is Changing

We’ve been making plus size intimate apparel for several years and have seen how the plus-sized clothing landscape is changing. If you’ve been a plus-sized woman all of your life, you’ve probably noticed that there is a change in the fashion industry. Just a few years ago, plus-sized clothing was an afterthought by many brands. They may have offered a few items in extended sizes, but there were usually problems with the clothing. Instead of cutting the clothing for a curvy woman, they simply cut their average sizes slightly bigger, which wasn’t flattering for a curvy woman’s shape. Or they didn’t use fabrics that looked nice on a larger frame or pigeon-holed plus-size wearers into a certain style. There were a few rules they wanted plus-sized women to follow, including no bright colors, no tight clothing, and no patterns. And you were hard pressed to find something cute.

The Curvy Woman Revolution

Today, the fashion industry is starting to embrace the curvy woman. No longer are you trying to squeeze into extended sizes at your local big box store. Now there are thousands of boutiques that specialize in plus-size clothing, offering everything from evening gowns to yoga wear to intimate apparel. They’ve thrown the old rules of “black and baggy” out the window and are offering clothing that’s on trend and cut for a curvy woman. Women are being encouraged to embrace their bodies and their curves and celebrate them with cute, stylish clothing in fun colors and patterns that they’ll love to wear. Finally, it’s fun to dress our bodies!

How We’re Joining in the Plus-Size Fun

Miimii knows that when you are dressing your body, those items that you put on first are often the most important. That includes your bras, panties, and intimate apparel. We wanted to offer plus-size women incredibly comfortable intimate apparel that was fun, cute, and sexy. Today, in our online store, you’ll find an amazing selection of intimates that are cut just for your curves. Check out our panties for plus-size beauties (the comfiest panties you’ll ever wear!) or our shapewear that helps smooth your shape for all your favorite clothes. We offer free shipping on all orders within the United States for $90 or more, so start shopping Miimii today and discover the beautiful plus size intimate apparel that you need for your wardrobe.